In English

Reiki treatments in English

I do give Reiki treatments and accompany them in English.
Reiki is this energy-lift for you you may have heared about. Your health can be improved, stablized and your emotional state can be balanced.  You will feel the chanages, you will feel changed!
Cost for a Reiki treatment of one hour is 60 €.


gelbe Blume vor See HomepagePlease feel free and  warmly invited to contact me for any question, or to arrange an appointment at, or +49 170 3091915

Learning Reiki in Munich in English – is possible with Reiki-Schwabing!

Reiki-Workshops 2018, Reiki 1 , 2 and 3 will take place again in spring and autumn 2018.
Please feel invited to come in contact to let me know what your interest is, so I can coordinate for the best of all 🙂    

+49 89 170 3091915 or +49 89 91059539

Reiki 1 – Workshop

What a Reiki 1 Workshop will do for you:

  • energize yourself
  • a push for your health
  • learn more about the reasons behind your illness, fatigue, or lack of perspective
  • develop your self-driven solutions in all areas of your life and on all levels: heal and grow!

Tuition fee € 250.

Reiki 2 – Workshop  

  • You expand your Reiki – giving, healing, and hamonizing to psychic topics, to emotional aspects, and to your past – and even fot the future!
  • The Reiki 2-attunement lifts your ability to channel energy again. Further growth and healing wait for you
  • The Reiki symbols are given to you. Thiss opens the door for a very effective room-cleaning, protection, and more …

Tuition fee: € 350

Reiki 3 – Workshop / Reiki Master 

  • Fulfill the clearing of your subtle bodies with your Reiki 3-attunement
  • Enjoy the full spectrum of Reiki
  • Extend the Reiki – work for yourself
  • The Master-symbol is handed to you
  • The Reiki 3-attunement lifts your ability to channel energy to the infinite.

Tuition fee: 560 €

Feedback of a Reiki – class participant in February 2014:
„Really enjoying this JOURNEY with Reiki…. Thank you for your gift…. Light and Peace…. “ Tracy D. , Munich


Information: A Reiki treatment does not replace medical support, is not an Alternative to seeing a doctor or use your medicine, or seek medical advice.